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Trusted data and analysis for higher and further education.

Driving effective decisions

We have more data at our fingertips than ever before, but turning that into reliable information and knowledge is critical if students and staff in higher and further education are to reap the full benefits. From interpreting national trends to providing tools that members can use to capture their own data and business intelligence, we work with members to leverage the value of data and provide actionable, data-driven insights that provide the foundations for digital and data transformation.

Connect with others to analyse sector trends

Each year our digital experience insights service uncovers trends at institutional and national levels. Join fellow experts from colleges and universities across the country to unpick the findings.

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Share ideas with others building digital capability

The building digital capability community of practice is open to staff and leaders in colleges and universities to share experiences of developing digital capabilities and learn from each other.

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Keep in touch with your fellow analysts

If you have involvement or an interest in learning analytics at your institution, sign up to the learning analytics JiscMail list to connect with others and share experiences.

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Spotlight on members

The University of Gloucestershire is using learning analytics to dig below the surface of student engagement.

The University of Edinburgh is changing their approach to digital skills with a cross-institution drive towards digital transformation.

Insights surveys results can kickstart change, and the University of Northampton now has the tools to transform its digital landscape.

Training to hone your skills

Heidi Plus masterclasses for every level of experience.

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Services to support your decision making

Analytics and insights

Better understand your staff and students to inform your decision making.

The learning analytics service pulls together data from your institution’s various student data streams, to provide guidance to help you better understand student engagement, improve teaching and the overall student experience. Meanwhile, digital experience insights focuses on how your students and staff are using technology and where improvements can be made.

For data visualisations and analytics combining your institutional data with sector insights, Heidi Plus is the tool used by thousands of HE professionals to drive strategic organisational decisions.

Data consultancy

Revealing the story behind your data.

A bespoke combination of sector experts and tools specifically designed for higher and further education, our data consultancy service is shaped around your needs to answer your key questions.

Student engagement and wellbeing analytics

Higher education student support champion Edward Peck outlines his vision for efficient and scalable student services through better data governance and predictive student analytics.

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Building the future intelligent campus

Using data to make smarter use of your university estate.

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