Connect More

Join us 8-10 May 2024, online and free to attend.

Face today’s education challenges and prepare for tomorrow

Technology is disrupting and challenging every corner of society – and the rate of change is only increasing.

At Connect More 2024, top educators will share their experience of adapting and evolving their practices in learning, assessment and student experience. Our speakers will showcase how they help learners from across society engage with inspiring educational experiences by utilising immersive digital technologies, data, AI and much more.

Delivered over three virtual half-days, Connect More is free to attend and aimed at those involved in learning and teaching, including libraries, learning resource centres, front-line teaching and digital or e-learning teams.

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Programme themes

  • Day one: Learning and teaching
    Connect More will demonstrate how educators can incorporate new technologies into curriculums to enhance the learning experience for students. From AI to immersive technologies, we’ll explore some of the latest innovations and practical examples of effective digital teaching strategies.
  • Day two: Assessment and feedback
    Ensuring assessment and feedback remain effective in a rapidly changing digital, AI-infused landscape is a huge challenge. Sessions will delve into emerging trends and effective practice in assessment and feedback, from digital tools to new assessment models.
  • Day three: Student experience
    Putting the student experience at the heart of the discussion. This theme explores how we can create more inclusive, accessible, personalised, and adaptive learning environments, ethically. Speakers will explore effective practice that creates a positive student experience and give advice on how to use technology to support students.

The full programme will be announced in April.

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