Annual review 2019/20

David Maguire

"At Jisc, we believe education and research improves lives, and technology improves education and research. 

"Achieving this wouldn’t be possible without the great engagement from universities and colleges.

"Celebrating the power of community, and told through a range of inspiring stories, this year’s annual review demonstrates what’s possible when we work together.

"Through our learning and teaching reimagined and shaping the digital future of FE and skills initiatives, we’ve seen the commitment from universities and colleges in exploring the future of digital teaching and learning.

"You’ve played a vital role in bringing the community together and supporting the next steps to a technology-enabled future.

"Thank you."

Professor David Maguire, Jisc chair

Paul Feldman

"I’m incredibly grateful to all our members, colleagues, trustees, funders and owners for the ongoing support, dedication and hard work that’s enabled us to successfully navigate the challenges we’ve all faced this year.

"COVID-19 has changed the way we conduct research and deliver learning and teaching. As we work towards achieving digital transformation, hearing your ideas and visions for the future of education and research, and seeing all this happen in a cohesive and collaborative way, has been truly inspiring. "

Paul Feldman, Jisc CEO

Download the 2019/20 annual review (pdf).

The power of community

As part of the education and research communities, you’ve been engaging with your peers, sharing best practice and playing a key role in supporting the next steps to a technology-enabled future.

During the current crisis education communities are proving themselves to be inspiring, supportive and motivating more than ever.

We explore the power of the community through the voices of those who are finding them vital in these challenging times.

Read more about how communities are shining through COVID-19.

“There's some outstanding practice going on out there and communities help us get inspiration and support to improve our own practice”
Esam Baboukhan, e-learning manager at the City of Westminster College

Adapting in uncertain times

In an evolving situation, you moved quickly away from traditional methods of learning, teaching and research. All while focusing on wellbeing and developing the digital skills of your staff and students.

“Being part of a university that’s already digitally enabled in many ways has been an important part of how we responded to the COVID-19 situation”
Keith Smyth, University of the Highlands and Islands

Hear more from Keith.

“We’ve got incredible staff, who are really open-minded, and that comes from the senior management team who role model how to use these tools”
Scott Hayden, Basingstoke College of Technology

Listen to our interview with Scott.

"We’ve ran virtual book clubs, competitions etc and put a lot of energy into the wraparound services we provide for students. Every single service we offer is live online and working as they would be in the physical space”
Ciara Duffy, South West College

Find out more about how South West College are making the move to online delivery.

The early reaction to the sudden closure of libraries was shock and panic. Now librarians are not only learning to manage online but finding some benefits...

“Our whole team has been working together to move a library service online at virtually no notice whatsoever”
Edith Speller, Trinity Laban

“Working with Jisc, we were early adopters of the Jisc digital capability discovery tool and the digital experience insights survey, which has been key to hearing the student voice and enhancing our digital practice and services in recent years.”
John Hill, University of Derby

Read about how the University of Derby are working hard to create a new institutional-wide framework for teaching and learning.

“Using digital technology to amplify ‘the human factor’ in teaching might seem counter-intuitive but using tech in the right way can break down barriers and help educators facilitate learning.”
Jon Hofgartner, Weston College

Powering research

As technology changes, we’re thinking differently about problems and solutions. By working together, we’re exploring what the application of new technologies means for research.

Right now, universities are being faced with seismic changes due to the pandemic, but another game-changer is on the horizon; the rapid rise of ‘industry 4.0’ technologies.

We’ve supported independent thinktank Demos on the Research 4.0: Research in the Age of Automation report, which makes several recommendations on how artificial intelligence could be better deployed to support innovation in research.

Professor Tim Softley shares how the University of Birmingham are exploring these new technologies.

Staying connected and protected

Through access to a reliable network and package of connectivity and security services, we’ve been keeping your staff, students and systems connected and protected, whilst playing a part in the pandemic response.

“Jisc is great to reach out to when we need to analyse information and threats.”
Mick Jenkins, Brunel University

Hear more from Mick about how influence and teamwork are key to building information security.

Universities and colleges are playing a key role in supporting community efforts to fight COVID-19. Neath Port Talbot college facilitated network connectivity for a field hospital, providing a wireless access point and connection to our secure Janet Network, through which hospital staff could connect to NHS infrastructure.

Find out how the education sector is stepping up and sharing expertise.

“We need robust connectivity, and we get that with Jisc.”
Graham Eland, Luminate Education Group

Read about how the Luminate Education Group provided a quick and seamless transition to remote learning.

Education for all

From working with publishers and suppliers on your behalf to make digital content freely available, to providing expert careers guidance, we’re inspiring the student journey and making education more accessible.

“The Free Student eTextbook Programme will have a significant impact in making this transition as quick and comprehensive as possible at no extra cost.”
Olivia Walsby, University of Manchester

Read more about our work with Kortext to ensure access to critical e-textbooks.

Technological innovation has improved the quality of life for many people with disabilities, delivering more independence and greater equality of opportunity.

“For young people like me, technology is the future.”
Murray Field, National Star College

Hear more from Murray about the tech that's improving the lives of disabled learners.

“I believe that people considering postgraduate study are looking at careers information at the same time, so Prospects is particularly useful as it covers both areas in detail and enables us to reach a wide audience.”
Nadia Chan, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Find out how you can help guide your students and graduates to a bright future.

Our finances

Nicola Arnold

"As financial sustainability remains a key focus for us all, we’re committed to working with you to understand and support your needs. Through our Janet access programme, we’re investing in the network and increasing capacity to provide a cost-effective and responsive service. Throughout the pandemic we’ve been working with suppliers to negotiate an increasing number of agreements giving you wider access to online content.

"We are working to keep subscriptions low and maintain increases that are inflation-based or less, and our overall 2020-21 subscription charges have been held at 2019-20 levels. Providing you with best quality services so you can deliver world-class learning, teaching and research remains a priority."

Nicola Arnold, Jisc chief financial officer

Read our financial summary.

Our year in numbers

91%*Increased member satisfaction (*HE results determined by the leadership survey and FE from events, products and services feedback as a survey was not conducted this year) 43Training and support opportunities for our members, with over 1,500 attending 18,000+Saw a record number of users in June investigating graduate labour market analysis on Jisc Luminate to support short- and medium-term planning due to lockdown 14928,439Physical eventsOnline eventsDelegates £2mSuccessfully negotiated the largest transitional open access agreement in the UK with Wiley which reduced sector spend by £2m, whilst dramatically increasing open access publishing 39,71220,575 students from 28 UK universities and 19,137 learners from 36 further education (FE) and sixth form colleges took part in our digital experience insights survey