Zac Gribble

Subject specialist: teaching, learning and assessment

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Learning from learning influencers

As we adjust to the new normal of online delivery many academics are developing their practice to provide timely support for their learners. In this... >>

Tooling Up to Teach Online

Zac raises some points to consider when thinking about bringing learning tools into online teaching. What questions should educators ask when... >>

Responding to coronavirus blog


As part of the subject specialists team and student experience sub-team, I help members understand and utilise opportunities for digital learning.

I work with colleagues across Jisc to enable the most knowledge and experience sharing and will provide advice and direction where appropriate, including signposting to relevant resources.

My role is aimed at the members' needs, but typically includes input at briefings, webinars, participation in specialist forums, delivery at conferences and events, and responding to enquiries.


I have a background of design and development and studied photomedia and design communication for my degree. I am a huge fan of good design and user experience. I started my career as a designer for a commercial studio and then moved into creating and developing resources with HE.

I have worked within HE institutions for over ten years and this experience has been vital in exploring and making the most of what the digital experience has to offer. The learning is essential and how technology can enhance that is part of my passion and ongoing adventure.