Michael Webb

Director of technology and analytics

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How to teach your cat to code

By now, we’ve all heard about – or even tried out for ourselves – the ability of OpenAI’s ChatGPT to produce a cogent, well-reasoned essay that can be... >>


I lead Jisc’s research and development software team - we work on longer-term ideas around how technology such as artificial intelligence can support and enhance education and research, as well as developing and supporting prototypes for other innovation and research and development projects within Jisc.


I joined Jisc in 2014, and have worked on the development of services such as learning analytics, and am now focussing on artificial intelligence and how it can help education.

I graduated in the early 1990’s with a degree with a heavy focus on artificial intelligence - at that time very much theoretical promise rather than practical use. I then worked in the higher education sector, in IT services, in the University of Plymouth and as head of IT services in what was University of Wales, Newport, enjoying working on a wide range of innovations in the use of technology to support education, and gaining an MBA along the way.