Mark O'Leary

Head of network access

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Campus visitors come in from the cold

Someone not from your own family or village, but whose background largely overlaps with your own might be classed as utlänning ("foreigner"). A person from the... >>

A new vision for virtual meetings

With everything factored in - the loss of productivity while people travel to and fro, the travel costs, refreshments, incidental expenses and possibly... >>


I'm responsible for Jisc's mobile solutions, with a portfolio that includes our flagship products eduroam and govroam.

On the development/technology monitoring side, my focus is WiFi 6, IoT and 5G.


I was a molecular biologist that got hooked on computer networks while writing up my thesis in the lab.

I worked for universities for a while, taking advantage of staff discounts to study the history of science. Then I became an early adopter of wireless tech - gaining a reputation for innovation in that area - and ultimately gravitating to UKERNA, as it then was, to help shape wireless strategy for UK education.