Janette Hillicks

Service manager - business intelligence

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Since 2015, I’ve been working alongside colleagues from Jisc and HESA on a national business intelligence service for HE.

My service management remit includes analytics labs.  Analytics labs is an exciting exploratory, interactive and secure research environment within which sector-based analysts and subject and data experts work together to develop proof of concept data derived products and services that address sector-felt challenges.  The most promising proof of concept outputs are redeveloped and delivered as suites of dashboards via Jisc and HESA collaborative community dashboards.


I began working in higher education in 1990 and my professional experience has covered the spectrum of student experience and business administration activity, from admission to graduation and course data management to rolling out enterprise technology solutions.

My work with Jisc, including as a subject specialist and senior co-design manager, has provided me with the opportunity to build on the hands-on experience and skills I've acquired previously and apply them in a sector-wide context.