Janette Hillicks

Senior co-design manager

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I belong to a team with a broad range of experience and knowledge in a variety of areas. We work with colleagues from across the sectors on a number of initiatives that have the potential to bring real benefit.

I am very much enjoying being involved in a current national business intelligence initiative which is taking the exciting approach of being 'by the sector, for the sector'.


My experience in the education sector began in 1990 when I worked in admissions at Newcastle Polytechnic. Having taken time out to study full-time for a degree in business administration I returned to what was by then Northumbria University. My experience covers the spectrum of student experience and business administration from admission to graduation and course data management to rolling out enterprise technology solutions.

Prior to my current role I was a subject specialist at Jisc focusing on technology to support enterprise. Immediately prior to that I was a researcher/analyst in the Jisc infoNet advisory service where I was provided with the opportunity to build on the hands-on experience and skills I'd acquired previously and apply them in a sector-wide context. I have developed and contributed to a broad range of highly regarded resources including those focused on sector and enterprise efficiency - working collaboratively with colleagues in the relevant sectors in order to ensure that resources are usable, comprehensive and authoritative.