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As Jisc’s head of higher education and student experience, I coordinate Jisc’s overall strategy for HE learning, teaching and student experience and have lead responsibility for promoting the total programme and value and impact of all HE learning, teaching and student experience products and services delivered by Jisc.

I lead the ongoing review of Jisc’s HE learning and teaching strategy, positioning this work within the organisation’s overall strategy I ensure that Jisc’s portfolio of activity in this area remains in line with Jisc’s HE learning and teaching priorities and work closely with colleagues to develop Jisc’s understanding of the value and impact of all of our HE learning, teaching and student experience activities.

As head of higher education and student experience, I am also responsible for framing how current and future challenges in this area can be resolved by technological innovation and translating the key insights into actionable innovation pipelines that deliver real impact. I manage the monitoring of national and regional HE learning, teaching and student experience customer and funder priorities, and work with Jisc account managers to examine the value ascribed by customers to Jisc products and services in this area, the join up of intelligence from funders and customers and the internal sharing of this, as appropriate.

I also manage the process of directorates identifying and mapping operational activities to our HE learning, teaching and student experience priorities, and the tracking and measuring of impact, highlighting gaps, challenging work if it is not aligned to priorities and identify emerging opportunities as these materialise.


I have worked in the education sector since 1993 (with some time in the museum sector) and have extensive experience in the use of technology to enhance and enrich learning. I have been a teacher, a project director, a TEL manager, libraries manager, an IT director and a senior manager.

I have managed a range of projects over the years in various roles, including digital leadership, digital capabilities, the intelligent campus, mobile learning, e-books, IT infrastructure, learner analytics, copyright, institutional resources, e-learning, VLEs and student records.

I have worked with universities across the UK in developing publications, guides, product development and research.

I have written articles for various journals and websites. I have presented keynotes at and attended many scholarly conferences including the ALT Conference, ASCILITE, CILIP Conference and UKSG. I have contributed to a range of research and Jisc projects.

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