R & D project

Safe share

Addressing the need for UK researchers to use and share sensitive data safely and securely


This project was archived on 30 June 2017

  • 2 years and 4 months

    Ended 31 Mar 2017

  • Budget:

    £250k to £1m

  • Expected outcome:

    New service

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Our project partners

Administrative Data Research Network (ADRN)
Cardiff University
Farr Institute
London Borough of Hillingdon
Swansea University
The Francis Crick Institute
University of Edinburgh
University of Leeds
University of Manchester
University of Oxford
University of Southampton
University of St Andrews

Meet the project team

Project timeline

This project ran until spring 2017

Researchers at Cardiff and Swansea universities are actively using the service for access to sensitive research data. The project has implemented a detailed test plan and developed a ‘quick start guide’ to implementation for safe share members. 

Moonshot available for CentOS-7: the operating system used with OpenStack for the AAAI pilots, eMedLab and Cloud Infrastructure for Microbial Genomics (CLIMB)

London Borough of Hillingdon tested safe share as an extension of the Public Services Network

Installed hardware security module

Safe share project starts.