R & D project

The research and education space (RES)

Connecting the UK’s publicly held archives to inspire new ways of learning in the digital age


This project was archived on 30 June 2017

  • 4 years and 2 months

    Ended 31 Mar 2017

  • Budget:

    Under £50k

  • Expected outcome:

    New service

Research and research data
Resource discovery

Our project partners

Learning on Screen

Meet the project team

Chris  Keene
Chris Keene

Head of library and scholarly futures, Jisc

Ian Chowcat

Ian Chowcat

Sero Consulting

Project timeline

This project ran until spring 2017

Introduction to the research and education space project

Towards the 'Research Education Space' (RES)

As 2013 dawns, and with predictions from Cisco that by 2014, video will exceed 91% of global consumer traffic on the internet, it seems timely that a new Research Education Space from us at Jisc, the BBC and with our colleagues at the British Universities Film and Video Council (BUFVC) is also starting to form.

The research and education space (RES) project starts.