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Ross Anderson, e-learning ambassador, North Lindsey College
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Ross Anderson, e-learning ambassador, North Lindsey College

Technology is a conversation starter with our students

Ross Anderson, e-learning ambassador at North Lindsey College and their students used the Jisc student digital experience tracker: a tool for surveying and understanding students’ expectations and experiences of technology.

“We really value our students’ opinions and we’re constantly talking to them. We’ve had more conversations recently with the help of Jisc. Using the student digital experience tracker was a really interesting approach for us because it gave us in-depth feedback on what the students were thinking. It’s a great starting point for conversations.

"We discovered that students’ access to mobile and digital devices was below the national average, so we’ve been able to provide more access to those devices at college, which has made a big difference.

"The feedback I get from staff is how interested and engaged students have been while using particular pieces of technology, which gives me a great deal of satisfaction. It’s always really difficult to show directly the impact of technology on teaching and learning. However, we’ve definitely seen an increase in the number of students who are talking about technology, that are using technology, and that, ultimately, has an impact on how the students succeed.”