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Valerie McCutcheon, research information manager, University of Glasgow
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Valerie McCutcheon, research information manager, University of Glasgow

Giving a voice to Scottish open access

Valerie McCutcheon, research information manager, University of Glasgow, took part in our open access (OA) pathfinder programme, part of our OA good practice project, along with a community of practice of more than 200 professionals from 90 universities, sharing examples of open access good practice.

"During 2016 we completed our end-to-end open access project, supported by Jisc under its open access pathfinder programme.

"While open access is a very active topic and the work we did around reducing the burden of open access implementation would have been taking place regardless, the benefit of Jisc support was that the coordinated approach acted as a catalyst.

"Outputs were delivered more expediently and there was increased sharing of information and development work with other institutions at different stages in open access process and system development.

"Several workshops took place in association with the programme and it was clear from feedback that the opportunity to talk about common issues was appreciated. As a result, the new open access Scotland group has been set up to provide a voice for open access in Scotland."