Our co-design team works with members to explore ideas that can transform education and research.

Future trends

We've identified three areas of focus that we believe will have a profound impact on the sector in coming years. We are using these trends to align our activities.

The changing nature of education
We reflect on how wider social and cultural changes are impacting education and research now and into the future.

Technological innovation
We explore new and emerging technologies to assess how they might transform education and research.

The climate emergency
How we shape a sustainable future could be the most important and urgent question education has ever had to address.

Insights from the team

Read our co-design blog to find out more about the pilots and experiments we've been working on.

Finding carbon emissions data for education.

Understanding the educational use case in using AI to create images.

How we innovate

Our co-design work seeks to define issues and ideate solutions that will go on to progress through our product lifecycle framework.

Find out about our innovation process

Working together

Innovation doesn't happen in a vaccum. We co-design with partners so we can gain a 360-degree understanding of issues facing the sector.

We take risks so you don't have to. Our robust approach enables to sector to be more resilient to future shocks.

We help you stay informed by sharing insights as thought leadership.

We save the sector time and money by exploring new concepts on your behalf.