Noel Davis

Subject specialist (infrastructure)

Noel Davis headshot
4 Portwall Lane


My role is to provide support for network and technical infrastructure queries for all of the Jisc supported sector.

Starting with a Vic 20 (5K of RAM!) and audio tape I've had a long involvement with IT support and management. I'm one of four appointed to provide support in these areas and collectively we have a of of skill and information that can be of use in resolving queries.


I have a long history of involvement in IT and other technical areas. I've worked in many roles including software development/configuration, IT hardware repair and maintenance, server administration and across many different operating systems.

I've also taught IT subjects at the user level for NICAS, GCSE certificates and at NVQ and degree level for those intending to move more into IT support roles.

I have 16 years experience of working with IT within an education environment and have spent a lot of time working with ILT, both teaching users but also ensuring the underlying technology is in place to ensure teacher and learner success.