Melanie Heeley

Service coordinator, research management


I am working within Sherpa Services as part of the editorial team for Romeo, Juliet and Fact. I am involved in various process improvement and service development activities for these services. I am also the SCOSS contact for Sherpa Romeo.


I worked as a computer analyst at Boots the Chemists' Head Office for 15 years, providing support and project management for various PC and network applications.

I returned to full time education to complete an MA and PhD in information science. My PhD topic involved older people and their use of ICT for identity-related purposes.

For seven years I then worked in various roles at the University of Nottingham. Most recently, I was a research administrator for a clinical trial in the medical school - this was a study of the effect of a tailored exercise routine on the progress of dementia and mild cognitive impairment in older people. As part of my duties, I managed the scholarly outputs of all the academics on the research project team. In the medical school, I also convened a patient and public involvement in research group (PPI group), enabling departmental researchers to gain lay input and critique into their research project planning and methodologies.