Mark O'Leary

Deputy director for mobility

Mark O'Leary headshot
85D Park Drive
Milton Park
OX14 4RY


I am responsible for both the budget oversight and planning of Janet infrastructure projects, as well as oversight of the service management function of products and services that relate to the Janet network.

I work in conjunction with the architecture and project delivery teams in the network division, the product function, and the operational delivery teams. I work to ensure that the Janet network, associated infrastructure and services portfolio are specified, designed and delivered according to members’ needs with a coherent architecture, a well-managed programme of procurement and build activities, and a complementary portfolio of network-related products and services. 

I also retain ongoing responsibility for managing the network access group, a small team responsible for a number of roaming, mobility and wireless services including govroam and eduroam, and continue to support the business as a subject matter expert in the mobility space.


I was a molecular biologist that got hooked on computer networks while writing up my thesis in the lab.

I worked for universities for a while, taking advantage of staff discounts to study the history of science. Then I became an early adopter of wireless tech - gaining a reputation for innovation in that area - and ultimately gravitating to UKERNA, as it then was, to help shape wireless strategy for UK education.