Mark Clark

Programme lead: infrastructure


Drawing from sector specific experiences, I assist institutions with accessing and exploiting the most appropriate IT solutions, while leveraging as much efficiency as possible, ensuring that any technical solution is strategically aligned with institutional objectives.


I have over 30 years experience of IT service delivery in the HE/FE sectors. I started out in technical roles on mainframe multiuser systems, then distributed server systems and networking. I procured and managed the infrastructure of large HE campus new builds and managed the central data centre of a large Scottish university. I've managed teams delivering central shared data centre services for the FE sector.

Having gained a PGDip in management after my BSc in computing I am well equipped to develop and implement ICT strategies that inform and guide institutions to delivering efficient IT services. Latterly, I have spent much time consolidating disparate systems to centralised shared systems brought on as a result of institutional merger.