Helen Clare

Senior e-infrastructure strategy manager (skills)

Helen Clare
2nd Floor
City Quadrant
11 Waterloo Square
Newcastle upon Tyne


I'm currently seconded as senior e-infrastructure strategy manager (skills) and working on the EOSC Synergy project.

I'm leading a task focussing on developing quality guidelines and a 'train the trainer programme to support the development of online open science teaching and training.


I worked for four years as a subject specialist for scholarly communications at Jisc, supporting members in open access compliance. I facilitated open access community events and co-wrote Moving open access implementation forward: A handbook for open access good practice based on experiences of UK higher education institutions.  

I've been involved in several major UK national training programmes including: support for implementing e-learning in universities, colleges, schools, adult and community learning settings and public libraries; a plagiarism awareness programme in schools, colleges and universities; and a programme of work exploring skills and competencies for knowledge exchange in universities.

I was the lead author for teaching information literacy: 101 practical tips, and I'm series editor for practical tips for library and information professionals (as Helen Blanchett).

I have over 20 years’ experience working in training and staff development in the education sector, and a background in libraries, with a keen interest in all aspects of information and digital literacy, and in supporting staff and students in their development.