Heidi Fraser-Krauss

Chief executive officer

Heidi Fraser-Krauss
6th Floor, Broadhurst House (formerly Churchgate House)
56 Oxford Street
M1 6EU


I joined Jisc as chief executive officer in September 2021. My key priority is to ensure Jisc stays innovative and focused on the needs of students, educators and researchers in what will be a turbulent but, I am sure, productive time ahead.


I started my career as a researcher studying how communication in teams supports innovation. I've since held a variety of leadership roles in higher education, including executive director of corporate services at the University of Sheffield, deputy registrar and director of corporate and information services at the University of York, and head of the technology change team at the University of St Andrews. 

Over the years my work has covered high performance computing for research, the library and archives, planning and strategic change, as well as governance and legal services.

I was a member of UCAS council for eight years, chair of Universities and College Information Systems Association (ucisa), and chair of the Russell Universities Group IT Directors (RUGIT).