Caroline Ingram

Senior product lead

Caroline Ingram headshot
2nd Floor
City Quadrant
11 Waterloo Square
Newcastle upon Tyne


I work within the exploratory side of Jisc, as opposed to the service delivery. Our team generates or identifies new ideas for innovative tools and services to help universities and colleges improve education and research. My role covers the range of activities that surround product and service development.

I am currently on secondment until 31 July 2023, working as head of pathfinders in the ed-tech and co-design team. This role involves opening up our co-design process to members. We want to work more closely with members to identify problem spaces and possibly develop new products.


Previously I worked in the Jisc subject specialist team where I was responsible for advising and guiding customers about their research data management processes.

Before that I worked at Jisc Netskills and jointly managed the Jisc business and community engagement (BCE) team, and was a Jisc programme manager from 2000-2002, responsible for the 57 projects of the teaching and learning programme.

I have directed my own project management and research consultancy, CSI Consultancy Ltd, since April 2003. As a consultant, I’ve been involved in many projects, both for Jisc, other funders and education providers, on using innovative ICT within higher and further education. 

Prior to working in and around Jisc, I worked for the Research Councils in various capacities, as a portfolio and programme manager. This followed PhD research in palaeo-climate processes in the southern North Sea.