Anderona Cole

External relations and public relations officer


I help people understand how Jisc helps educators through technology, focusing on communicating with external stakeholders - media, politicians and stakeholders.

Additionally, I work with Jisc experts to shape policy and respond to the most important consultations.


I joined Jisc in April 2020, having had insight and experience of working in the technology sector from my previous role as policy and public affairs manager at Ukie - the video games industry rep body. 

I have fantastic accomplishments under my belt, including my involvement in Ukie’s equality, diversity and inclusion subgroup, where I made the case to improve diversity in the video games industry via presenting several different human resources initiatives to individuals at senior level, across the industry.

Prior to this, I worked for an IT Institute where I led on policy matters concerning education, internet safety and diversity. Before joining the IT Institute, I worked in communications, public affairs and regulatory roles in a number of sectors including radio and advertising.