Collaborative approach to sector-wide challenges

During the course of two workshops in April, we talked to a group of our core customers from higher and further education to define the issues that digital technologies could help them to address. Co-design challenge areas From an initial list of more than 140 ideas, participants were able to bring many of these together into 24 overarching themes. They... >>

Andrew McGregor

Emerging trends in augmented reality

They are marketed with promises of providing truly personalised experiences, delivering contextual information partnered with personal metrics in a visually engaging way. I recently attended Augmented World Expo in Silicon Valley, California, one of the largest augmented reality (AR) conferences in the world. It features applications of AR technology from the cutting edge of industry and research. Put simply, augmented... >>

Matt Ramirez tests Google Glass
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Matt Ramirez tests Google Glass
©Jisc and Matt Ramirez
Matt Ramirez

Enhancing exhibitions with digital resources

Over the past three years researchers, librarians, archivists, curators and technicians have been working in close partnership to explore the story of Longitude, and also to find ways in which to tell that story to as broad an audience as possible. The Ships, Clocks and Stars: The Quest for Longitude exhibition at the National Maritime Museum and the Board of... >>

Lieutenant William Chevasse’s design for a marine chair for observing Jupiter’s satellites, 1813
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Lieutenant William Chevasse’s design for a marine chair for observing Jupiter’s satellites, 1813
©Cambridge University Library
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Peter Findlay

Let’s get serious about Wikipedia

Over the last year, I have been working on behalf of Jisc and Wikimedia UK , a charity that supports and promotes Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects, to explore how academia and Wikimedia can work more closely together. From an office in the University of Bristol , I’ve reached out to lecturers, librarians and other staff across the country,... >>

Wikipedia through a magnifying glass
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Martin Poulter

Towards a new-look customer service function for Jisc

It’s all about seeing things from their perspective, talking customers’ language and striving to meet their needs and concerns, and it’s absolutely crucial to us at Jisc too. We have been working hard to make customers our priority and to ensure that every single college, university and skills provider in the UK can be confident that they are getting the... >>

Tweeting to your full potential

Our @Jisc Twitter account began life at 11:33 on 12 January 2009 as a relatively automated service that fired out the latest news and event information from Jisc as and when it was uploaded to the website. There was little in the way of actual interaction and it wasn’t used to its full potential as an engagement tool. Over the... >>

Twitter HQ: logo artwork
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Tom Mitchell

The role of the CIO now and for the future

What is common to both is that they usually lead the information systems (IS) and IT function in their organisation and have broad and diverse responsibilities for a range of critical services across all functional areas. This leadership role is against a backdrop of increasingly rapid change and demands on IS/IT to help their organisations innovate and improve. This leadership... >>

Aline Hayes

Students' experiences and expectations of the digital environment

Of course we still worry about getting the institutional systems and infrastructure right, but we know that students are using a vast range of tools – including their own devices and services – and that it's how they use these tools that matters. Now with the digital student project we have had a chance to look squarely at how the... >>

Students with iMac
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Helen Beetham

Telling better digital stories

At Netskills we’ve been exploring the benefits of digital storytelling for the education community for a few years. Stories provide an excellent way for institutions to demonstrate the importance and the impact of what they do But lately it’s storytelling’s value to public engagement that we’ve been spending most time on. Stories provide an excellent way for institutions to demonstrate... >>

Book and tablet illustration
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Chris Thomson

Embracing change and lifelong learning

Change, and the improvements that it can bring about, are on all our minds at Jisc’s Regional Support Centres as we head into Adult Learners' Week (ALW14) . We’re focusing on helping practitioners in FE and skills to use this week’s activities as a starting point to inspire more people to welcome change and embrace learning opportunities to help them... >>

John Dalziel