Vision for sustainable change workshop

Facilitated collaborative workshops to help you meet your goals around sustainability.

This is a workshop for your organisation’s senior managers and leadership teams to build a cohesive and inclusive understanding of sustainability and to work together to design and enact sustainability goals.

It brings together people who may not normally work closely together and builds relationships to address key issues by facilitating fresh thinking and opening up new possibilities. It improves mutual understanding and communication, builds consensus and empowers staff to take ownership of the processes of change.

Aims of the workshop

Co-facilitated by both our advice team and the author of our exploring digital carbon footprints report, Scott Stonham, during this workshop you will:

  • Explore what sustainability means to the group and how that aligns with your organisation’s goals
  • Provide inspiration and ideas through examples in the education sector and beyond
  • Challenge existing perceptions and assumptions, and widen the group’s thinking 
  • Identify new concepts and toolkits to support a more aligned, impactful approach to sustainability
  • Forge internal collaboration across departments using sustainability focused activities as the driver

It aims to create a space for collaboration, and to stimulate sustainable thinking along with a selection of tangible ’takeaways’ that the group can work on together, or in smaller teams. It's designed to foster a shared understanding, to develop more sustainability-led thinking across departments, and to lead to sustainability being more broadly incorporated in organisational decision making.

Jisc’s support combines independent, up to date subject knowledge with facilitation expertise and experience.

How does it work?

The workshop consists of practical activities, interactive discussions, experience sharing and guided discussions. 

Beginning with developing a shared understanding and vocabulary, the workshop leads the group through examples, ideas and tools to help build sustainability more deeply, and broadly, into the way of working.

Who should attend?

Embedding sustainability into the every day way of working and thinking is critical for all organisations. It is, however, a change and like most changes it requires authority, transparency and leadership.

Senior leaders provide this by championing the initiative, removing barriers and resolving conflicts of interest. Change also requires knowledge that may come from specialist staff with relevant experience.

As a guide, we have found the most effective workshops have involved between eight and 12 senior participants covering all major functional areas of the organisation:

  • Leadership and management
  • Curriculum delivery and assessment
  • Student care, support and resources
  • HR and staff development
  • Finance and administration
  • Marketing and comms
  • Technical support services and systems

Getting started

Contact your relationship manager and arrange a scoping call with the advice team and agree a date.   

This can either be run in-person onsite, on your own campus or remotely, depending on your preference.

The cost to Jisc members is:

  • Onsite delivery: £2000+VAT
  • Remote delivery: £1300+VAT