Accessibility drop-in clinic

Your opportunity to ask questions about digital inclusion.

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    March's clinic

    This year at Digifest we are running a community hub session to allow you lovely peeps in the community to speak to each other (and us) on all sorts of topics around accessibility. However, as not everyone can get to Digifest so we are bringing a version of our little part of Digifest to you, online.

    Whether you're totally new to the community, an expert in the field, someone directly affected by accessibility challenges, or just keen to learn more and contribute your views, this month’s drop-in session is the perfect platform for you.

    Why Attend?

    • Interactive Discussions: Unlike traditional webinars, we’re going to run an ‘Idea's Room’ style session encourages active conversation. Share your thoughts, experiences, and ideas with other in our community.
    • Community Networking: Connect with like-minded individuals passionate about making a difference. Find collaborators, mentors, and friends as you hear what other have to say on the complexities of accessibility.
    • Expert Insights: Many of our members are leading voices in accessibility but equally, every one of us is a valid expert in our own experiences. Sharing these diverse perspectives provide valuable context to fuel our learning.
    • Listen and be heard: We're not just talking; we’re listening. The more voices, opinions and experience we share the more ideas are sparked to help create actionable strategies that aim to push the needle on accessibility issues in various sectors.
    • Topics such as: Neurodiversity, Accessibility Statements, Assistive Tech implementation, Licencing for software etc. You can even suggest a topic of your own on the day.  

    And if you like to submit a topic ahead of time, please email:

    Who Should Attend?

    Anyone Interested in Accessibility: You don't need to be an expert or working in accessibility to contribute. If you're interested in making the world more accessible for everyone, you're welcome!

    Monthly clinics are open to Jisc member organisation (UK further education colleges, specialist colleges or higher education institutions). 

    How to Prepare

    Think About Your Experiences: Any personal or observed experiences with accessibility can spark meaningful discussions.

    Come With Questions: Curiosity drives progress. Don't hesitate to ask questions or seek clarifications.

    Be Open and Respectful: Our discussions thrive on respect for everyone's opinions and experiences.

    About the clinic

    Are you struggling to meet web accessibility regulations? Or reshaping your digital provision to make teaching and learning more inclusive?

    This live online accessibility clinic gives you the opportunity to ask questions about digital inclusion, provide feedback on areas that are problematic, and share your accessibility journey with others. 

    During the clinic you'll:

    • Have an opportunity to share your experiences with and learn from like-minded people at different stages of developing accessible policy and practice
    • Gain feedback and support on any areas that may have been problematic
    • Get signposting to other resources and links to communities of practice where appropriate
    • Establish links with people working to overcome the same problems
    • Get the opportunity to shape the Jisc offer in this area

    Sessions are led by our subject specialists Laura Hutton and Kellie Mote, with input from colleagues and recognised specialists.

    Accessibility clinics will run from 12:30 to 13:30 on the first Wednesday of each month during the academic calendar. 

    Session preparation and setup

    Before the clinic, please read below to ensure successful access.

    • The clinic will be run in Zoom, with live automated captioning and transcription. For the best experience, download the Zoom client for your device
    • You'll also need a headset, or headphones and a microphone
    • Please sign in using your full name
    • Participants’ microphones will be muted on entry. If you would like to speak, please use the raise hand tool or the chat pane to indicate this
    • We'll be taking questions during the clinic, which you can submit in the chat pane
    • If you will be using BSL interpreters through Access to Work and require permission to 'pin' interpreters, please let us know


    For more information, email or phone 01235 822242.

    Professional training

    Looking for something more in-depth, with a smaller group of professionals, or just for your organisation?

    Jisc provides a range of short courses to build your confidence in implementing accessibility and assistive technology. Courses are delivered online throughout the year, or if choosing in-house delivery, at a time to suit you and your colleagues. Participants can also earn digital accreditation to evidence their development. Learn more about Jisc’s accessibility and assistive technology short courses.

    Clinic recordings

    February 2024 - 'Ask me anything' with Esther Barrett