Student digital experience insights survey 2020: UK higher education findings

This year, 20,575 students from 28 UK universities took part in our student digital experience insights survey. The survey was conducted between October 2019 and May 2020.

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The high level of satisfaction from students in terms of the quality of organisational provision and use of technology in teaching and learning is encouraging, but there are also some major concerns:

  • Digital inequality presents significant barriers for students who do not have adequate access to devices, wifi and other essential systems and services
  • The rapid move to remote learning has amplified the need for pedagogical learner-centred approaches with technology-enhanced learning and teaching as an integral aspect of learning design. The number of students who engaged in active and collaborative digital learning practices was low
  • The survey findings show that more needs to be done to develop students’ digital capabilities and confidence throughout their learning journey. Student confidence in essential knowledge and behaviours such as digital wellbeing and safety was low. Substantial numbers said they never had an opportunity to develop their digital skills
  • Few students engage in collaborative activities online. This not only emulates workplace practices but also helps to connect students with the wider learning community and can help mitigate feelings of isolation, build support networks, friendships and maintain motivation to study

This report shares key findings from the survey combined with guidance on how universities can address issues raised.

Download the full report (pdf)

Question by question analysis of findings

This report details the full question by question analysis of all survey questions and provides further information about the HE and FE surveys, the methodology, the question sets and the response rates.

Download the question by question analysis report (pdf).

About the authors

Clare Killen
Clare Killen
Senior consultant

I work in the business intelligence unit at Jisc, primarily on the digital experience insights surveys for students, academic staff and professional services staff. The focus is on supporting members across further and higher education to enrich their student experiences by providing powerful data to inform strategic planning and investment.

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Mark Langer-Crame
Senior data intelligence analyst (team lead), Jisc