Learner digital experience insights survey 2021/22: further education findings

Between November 2021 and April 2022 we surveyed 11,498 learners from 25 UK colleges and one sixth form college delivering further education.

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Returning to normal while retaining the lessons learned 

At a time when learning was emerging from a period of disruption due to COVID-19, our 2021/22 survey for further education explored key aspects of learning using technology, including how much learning continued to take place online. 

Key findings 

  • 65% of learners who responded to our survey rated the quality of their online learning as above average 
  • 73% of respondents experienced taught classes delivered mainly on site, 24% through a mixture of online and on site, with just 3% taught mainly online 
  • Over half of respondents encountered problems that impacted on their ability to learn online - 38% cited poor wifi as an issue 
  • 68% of those who participated in the survey regularly used a smartphone for learning, including 5% who only selected a smartphone from the seven items listed 
  • Just 22% of learners who participated in our survey said they had been given or loaned a device or had received help to buy one 

There were many aspects of learning online and using technology that respondents found positive – saving time and money in not travelling, being able to learn at their own pace and in comfortable surroundings, being able to engage in quizzes and submit work online and interacting with each other and their lecturers online. However, not all were positive and some of the negative issues included technical issues, lack of support, finding it hard to concentrate online and experiencing less interaction than in face-to-face sessions. 

The full report gives a detailed analysis of our findings and guidance on how universities can address the issues raised. 

Download the full report (pdf)

About the authors

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Laura Didymus
Clare Killen
Clare Killen
Senior consultant

I work in the business intelligence unit at Jisc, primarily on the digital experience insights surveys for students, academic staff and professional services staff. The focus is on supporting members across further and higher education to enrich their student experiences by providing powerful data to inform strategic planning and investment.