New deal offers innovative digital assessment and feedback tool to UK and Ireland education sectors

A digital tool that supports transformative assessment and feedback practices is now available to further and higher education providers in the UK and Ireland.

Thanks to a deal struck by Jisc enterprise, Chest, FeedbackFruits’ technology can now be leveraged for better student experience and outcomes.

The solutions offers 15 different activities including peer review, authentic assessment, social annotation and team-based learning. Its user-friendly interface works inside the institutions’ current virtual learning environments, making adoption of this new technology easy for both educators and students.

Ben Offiler, software licensing portfolio specialist at Jisc, said:

“We’re delighted to add this agreement with FeedbackFruits to the Chest portfolio for colleges and universities. The technology very much aligns with insitutional requirements and, in turn, with Jisc’s aims.

Ewoud de Kok, the CEO of FeedbackFruits, said:

“The combination of Chest’s expertise and FeedbackFruits’ innovative solutions presents a unique opportunity to make education easier and much more impactful. I’m very excited about this collaboration’s potential to transform the student experience in the UK and Ireland.”

The agreement is available until 31 May 2026.

Further information

Chest is a Jisc-endorsed brand, and is the software licensing arm of Jisc. Chest negotiates preferential licence agreements for software and online resources for the academic sector. It has been doing this since 1988 when the first agreement for software was negotiated.  Chest Agreements are open to more than 700 universities, colleges, research organisations and charities.