Jisc launches workshops to help members build sustainable futures

Jisc is working with an independent sustainability expert to hold a series of member workshops to support colleges and universities on their sustainability journey.

The workshops, entitled 'vision for sustainable change', will be available from January 2023.

They will be delivered in collaboration with technology analyst Scott Stonham, who authored Jisc's recent exploring digital carbon footprints report, and is the founder of Well, That’s Interesting Tech!

Each workshop will encourage collaboration between leaders and senior managers to spark fresh thinking and debate around all sustainability issues such as climate action, poverty, inequality, and health, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. They will challenge common perceptions and assumptions around what it means to be sustainable and will help promote positive change both on and off campus.

By re-evaluating their approach towards sustainability, colleges and universities can reduce their carbon impact, improve efficiencies, create more inclusive learning environments, and potentially make cost savings.

Scott Stonham said:

“I am excited to be working with Jisc again to help the UK tertiary education sector improve its understanding of sustainability and the benefits for institutions, educators, learners, and wider society.

“Following the publication of the exploring digital carbon footprints report, it became clear there was an appetite among education leaders to learn more about sustainability.

“From improving operational efficiencies to enhancing equality and reducing energy bills, I look forward to helping colleges and universities achieve the most from their sustainability journey.”

Steve Bailey, head of advice at Jisc, said:

“Jisc is committed to helping further and higher education organisations become more digitally sustainable.

“Through conversations with our members we know that sustainability is a concern for many colleges and universities across the UK, but a lack of understanding is holding some back from making meaningful change.

“By introducing the vision for sustainable change workshops, we are bridging that gap, by providing the space and support needed to make more sustainable choices.”

For more information, or to organise a workshop, contact your Jisc relationship manager.