National Skills Fund level 3 reading list

A detailed reading list for organisations delivering level 3 adult courses.

Adult learners using a tablet.

To help FE members delivering courses to support the National Skills Fund's (NSF) adult education level 3 offer, Jisc has worked with publishers and awarding organisations to identify and make visible relevant learning resource content to support teaching practitioners and learners. Search the downloadable spreadsheet for the courses your college is delivering to find relevant teaching and learning resources.

Benefits to you

This reading list provides an easily searchable source of information to browse learning resource content, which you can incorporate in your teaching or use to support student learning activities. This:

  • Makes learning resources more visible and provides sources that may have been previously unknown
  • Frees up time from having to search for suitable digital learning resources
  • Allows teachers and learners to make better use of digital learning resources within their course

Start using the reading list

Download the reading list (.xlsx)

Tips for searching the spreadsheet

You can refine your searches by downloading the full spreadsheet (.xlsx) and filtering each column to quickly retrieve the information most relevant to you and the subject area you need.

Use the dropdown arrow in each column to filter by subject area, awarding organisation or publisher

Refine your search by A-Z, ascending or descending your results in alphabetical order

Please check back regularly to make sure you’re using the latest version of the spreadsheet.

The reading list was last updated on 10 September 2021.

Find out more

Contact your relationship manager for more information about the reading list.