Our catalogue of services for independent HE providers

We offer the following services to independent HE providers who are included on the Office for Students’ register of higher education providers.

If you're not sure whether you're considered an independent HE provider, get in touch. Contact customer.support@jisc.ac.uk for more information.


Meeting your connectivity needs. Whether that’s connecting to the Janet Network, special purpose connections or supporting access and roaming.

Cyber security

To help you get the most from your Jisc membership, we work to protect the Janet Network and connect organisations with our cyber security services.


We act for the whole of UK education and research to bring you competitive cloud solutions to help you achieve your strategic goals.

Data and analytics

Enabling you to leverage your data and analytics to make informed, evidence-based decisions in addressing strategic challenges and goals in your organisation.

Libraries, learning resources and research

Our libraries, learning resources and research services help you manage your library resources, research publication lifecycle and research outputs.

Library support

Our library support services include:

Open research

Our open research services include:

Trust and identity

Our trust and identity services help you with seamless and secure access to services and resources, enabling you to manage access more effectively and efficiently.

Student experience

Supporting you with digital tools and mechanisms to enrich the learning and teaching experience for your students on campus and in the work place. 

Advice and guidance

Providing you with expert, trusted advice and practical assistance.

Further information

If you have any questions about how Jisc services can support you, please contact us by emailing customer.support@jisc.ac.uk.