Managed router service

Giving you peace of mind by providing full-service management of the router on your premises that connects your network to the Janet Network.

About the managed router service

This service provides remote support to any organisation that might require additional assistance and expertise to support their Janet IP connection routers.

Although the service is available to all Janet connected organisations, it is particularly appropriate for FE, smaller organisations and perhaps organisation supported by small IT teams.

What the service includes

  • A router that is provisioned and configured to suit your connection’s bandwidth
  • Advice on the benefits and equipment required for a router capable of a higher throughput, at additional cost
  • Resilience options including dual-power supply, dual-chassis and support for resilient circuits, at additional cost
  • Hardware support for all parts, with same business day support (4 hours + 1), subject to site access and the onsite contact’s availability
  • A router that can support connections provisioned at bandwidths of 1Gbits/s, 2x 1Gbits/s, 10 Gbits/s or 2x 10 Gbits/s
  • Router software and configuration maintenance, including OS upgrades to keep in line with best operational practises and vulnerability management
  • Router configuration changes, as requested – limited to five change requests per annum
  • Full management and administration of router including fault-reporting and health-monitoring. Additionally, you may log issues directly with the Jisc service desk
  • Adoption of your own routing equipment, subject to approval (responsibility for the hardware support remains with you)

Software upgrades

The service includes application of software upgrades, managed and funded by Jisc, up to the standard software version and feature sets as provided by the manufacturer of their router. You can request software upgrades by emailing

Additional feature sets above those provided as standard with their specified router will be chargeable to the you, unless a funding body is meeting this additional cost.

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Resiliance options

Resilience options can be added including;

  • Power supply resilience: dual-power supply units (PSUs) in a single device, mitigating against a single PSU hardware failure
  • Chassis resilience: clustered devices acting as a logical router, mitigating against single router hardware failure – but requires two circuits
  • Full resilience: clustered devices, each with dual-power supplies and preferably provisioned with two diversely-routed circuits (eg Openreach RO2)


The service is available to all Janet connected organisations and is funded as part of the primary connection to the Janet Network up to a bandwidth of 1Gbit/s.

Higher education institutions considering the managed router service are advised to consider their requirements before opting for the service.

The service is available, without charge, for an eligibly-funded organisation’s primary Janet IP connection up to the bandwidth allowed for within the funding.

A charge for the service applies to the following classes of Janet IP connections:

  • An eligible, funded, organisation’s primary Janet IP connection of more than the bandwidth allowed for within the funding
  • An eligible, funded organisation’s additional Janet IP connections
  • All Janet IP connections for all other organisation types

These charges are currently under review, please contact your relationship manager for advice.

Service level description

Service description

A service to manage the router on the organisation’s premises that connects the organisation’s network to the Janet Network.

The service includes the provision of the router, initial set-up, hardware maintenance, software maintenance, minor configuration changes and the analysis and rectification of faults.


The service is centrally funded for the Janet primary connections of further education colleges, sixth form colleges, specialist colleges, the personal and community development learning community and higher education organisations up to 1Gbit/s.

Other Janet Network-connected organisations and funded organisations requiring additional routers for their other connections, will pay a one-off cost of a suitable router, plus an annual charge.

For further information please contact the service desk.

Your responsibilities

You are responsible on an ongoing basis for:

  • Ensuring that the supplied router has power and is kept in a secure environment with suitable environmental control
  • Informing Janet of any configuration changes that you require.


Please ensure your organisation understands and adheres to the security policy.

Hours of service

The service is available during business days. Business days are defined as Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 18:00 and excludes 24-31 December, and all English public holidays.

Outside of these hours your router is monitored as part of your Janet Network connection.

Target availability

The target availability is 99.7% during the hours of service as defined above, measured monthly over a 12 month period and excluding service affecting maintenance.

Service-affecting maintenance is capped at 0.5% and is normally carried out with at least two weeks notice.

For maintenance that causes the service to be considered ‘at risk’ an appropriate time will be agreed with you.

Fault management

Router fault reporting mechanisms are integrated with Janet connection fault reporting.

The normal fault reporting procedure for your connection should be followed as outlined in the fault reporting letter sent to the customer after the circuit has been delivered. Normal diagnosis of the fault by the managing agent will determine the nature of the fault and appropriate arrangements for repair will be made.

The hardware cover provided by our maintenance contract is one hour diagnosis plus four hours to site response. For complete hardware failures replacement hardware should be at the customer site within the five hours as above. In cases where the running of the router is not immediately affected, for example with a faulty fan, the hardware replacement may be provided the next working day.

Faults on the service may be reported at any time via the service desk on 0300 300 2212 or by emailing

Request for service

You can request this service via the service desk on 0300 300 2212 or by emailing

Service delivery time

Within 22 business days, as defined in the service level description definitions, or receipt of all necessary information and the network connection being available.

Configuration change requests and queries will be responded to within 5 working days, and router changes will be completed at an appropriate time agreed with you.

Terms and conditions

Please ensure your organisation understands and adheres to the terms and conditions.


If you are experiencing an issue with the service, and wish to escalate the issue please contact us via the service desk on 0300 300 2212 or by emailing

Technical section

The managed router service can be offered on organisation-owned routing equipment, subject to agreement of the service operator. In this situation router maintenance will not be covered by the Jisc maintenance contract and the organisation will be responsible for maintaining the router.

Routers are normally provided with the standard operating system supplied by the manufacturer. Additional feature sets can be supplied on request. Organisations requiring additional feature sets above the standard for the particular router supplied may be charged for software upgrades at cost, unless a funding body is meeting this additional cost. Organisations should specify their requirements at the initial contact stage.

Organisations may opt in to or out of the service at any time.

Leaving the managed router service

You may opt out of the managed router service by contacting the Jisc service desk by email. Verbal requests will not be accepted upon until advised in writing.

Your managed service will cease from the date Jisc confirms removal from the service, or where applicable, with the date being agreed by both parties. Once the request has been received a member of our team will contact the nominated contact at the site to provide the router access details.

Ownership of all supplied equipment remains with Jisc, and must be returned to Jisc, at Jisc’s expense, if the service is ceased unless ownership is expressly transferred in writing.

Customers wishing to provision and manage their own router may be able to use the Jisc’s network equipment framework for an OJUE compliant efficient way to purchase routing equipment.

ISO certification

This service is included within the scope of our ISO9001 and ISO 27001 certificates.

Read more about International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) standards and view Jisc certificates.

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