Learning analytics

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Increase retention, improve the quality of communications between staff and students, and deliver a more personalised learning experience to support wellbeing.

About learning analytics

Working collaboratively with universities and expert community groups, we’ve designed a suite of co-created learning analytics solutions, developed with the HE sector for the HE sector.

The learning analytics core service pulls together data from your institution’s various student data streams, organises it and translates it into informative visualisations. This guidance helps you to better understand student engagement, improve teaching and the overall student experience.

Putting students and institutions at the heart of what we do, our learning analytical services will transform your students learning experience by driving engagement, helping them to achieve their potential and improve overall retention. Supporting both student and staff wellbeing and progression, learning analytics fits seamlessly into your existing architecture to deliver instant results.

We offer practical, cost-effective solutions to get your learning analytics projects underway. Providing the digital architecture, tools, expert guidance and technical support you need to reach your goals. 

Find out how to assess your institutional readiness for learning analytics by downloading our senior managers' guide.

Member story: "Learning analytics helps us identify and support more at-risk students than ever”

Find out how Leeds Trinity University has worked with Jisc learning analytics specialists to transform the student experience by helping them identify more students at risk of disengaging with their studies or needing support.

Read the full story (pdf).

Who is learning analytics for?

Higher education institutions

Improve student wellbeing, increase retention and build healthier communications between students and teaching staff through data-informed business decisions. Jisc’s learning analytics solutions will help to improve your institutional performance, financial resilience and boost your institution's reputation. Learning analytics will support your organisation's transformation into a data led and data literate institution.

Tutors, teaching and support staff

Using descriptive data analysis and aggregated data modelling, the traffic light system helps tutors, teachers and support staff to identify at-risk students through early intervention.

Tutors gain a deeper understanding of how students behave and interact with the curriculum through detailed and timely reports. Our learning analytics services will help you to deliver a more personalised learning experience through assessing your learning techniques, virtual learning environment (VLE) and course design.

Your students

Our study goal app allows students to manage their own learning experiences. Providing opportunities for timely conversations with their tutors using real-time data insights. Help your students to better understand their own learning behaviours and achieve the results they want.

IT leaders

Our learning analytics service provides the architecture, tools and specialist support to streamline and extract the most value from your data sources. Hosted on a secure server, our learning data hub will be the central storehouse for all your data needs.

We will work with you on selecting and integrating data sources, cleaning, configuring products and interpreting the data to ensure you get the best possible outcomes. Our products are interoperable with other technological solutions, giving you the freedom to develop your learning analytics framework.

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Jisc is a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s G-Cloud framework. Purchasing services through the framework can offer significant savings.

Benefits of learning analytics

Learning analytics helps your organisation to: 

  • Enhance communications between your students and staff by providing early intervention capabilities to prioritise wellbeing and support
  • Offer greater autonomy and independence for students to champion their own personalised learning goals
  • Improve student retention and financial resilience
  • Mitigate risks and make confident data-informed decisions
  • Access ethical, legal and security frameworks and guidance
  • Use quick, easy reporting solutions for all user groups, saving you time and money
  • Progress faster with confidence by working with our expert community groups and dedicated account managers

Member story: "Learning analytics is helping us improve the student experience”

Find out how the University of South Wales is developing its Student Engagement Active Monitoring (STEAM) service. This uses the data collection and monitoring systems within their learning analytics service, supplementing the usual data with new information, including the use of Microsoft Teams and a local attendance system that records work placements. 

Read the full story (pdf).

Find out more

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Contact your relationship manager for further information or to get started using learning analytics. 

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Ethical guidance and support

We will work with you to get your ethical, legal and security groundwork right. Our learning analytics code of practice guide will help you to plan and implement your analytics work – and the human interactions that result – with the informed consent and cooperation of students.

It will be your guide as you develop transparent institutional policies that set out what you want to achieve, what data you’re collecting, how you’re using it and how students will benefit. Use it to make sure you’ve got the key legal, ethical and logistical issues sorted.

Our learning analytics service employs a cloud-hosted, resilient system that will enable you to engage with analytics with confidence. We’ll work with you to ensure the data you store complies with your own institutional policies, is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant, and is processed within the European Economic Area. Your data is secured against misuse.

As part of the onboarding process, we will supply a template data protection impact assessments and draft learning analytics policy.

Frameworks, DPS and procurement

​See our approved framework agreements and dynamic purchasing systems (DPS) to help you save time and money.

ISO certification

This service is included within the scope of our ISO9001 and ISO27001 certificates.

Read more about International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) standards and view Jisc certificates.

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Related services

Discovery and consultancy

Discovery is our vendor agnostic expert consultancy service designed to help higher education institutions navigate their way through the challenges that come with considering a learning analytics solution. Alternatively, we can evaluate an existing project or help you restart on the journey.

Find out more about discovery and consultancy.

Learning analytics dashboard

A dashboard management tool that brings your institution's multiple data sources together. Using the RAG (red/amber/green) traffic light system, which rates student activity at module and course level, you can quickly interpret engagement such as VLE usage, attendance and assessment through easy to understand data visualisations.

Use your dashboard to identify at-risk students with timely interventions and uncover how students are engaging with their learning environment to identify under-performing areas of the curriculum.

Student app

An app for students enabling them to access richer information and timely feedback about their learning experiences. The data insights will help them to better understand their academic progress, learning behaviours and level of engagement.

The app offers an efficient and cost-effective way to monitor attendance in lectures and ensures students feel they are getting a more personalised service to help them achieve more.

Attendance monitoring

Provides your organisation with a hardware-free, seamless solution for student attendance monitoring. The service connects to the core learning analytics service, producing meaningful insights so you can proactively monitor student attendance.

Responding to the post-pandemic sector, it can manage in-person, online and hybrid attendance. Integrations allow it to work with timetabling systems and capture additional events outside the curriculum such as careers or study skills sessions. The system offers reporting for UKVI purposes, which can also utilise online student engagement data via the core learning analytics service. Hybrid attendance monitoring is built in to enable capture and reporting of teaching delivery mode. 

Find out more about attendance monitoring.