Student experience experts group

Support Jisc’s work in enhancing the digital student experience.

Student experience experts discuss ideas in a circle.

Facilitated by Jisc

Open via an expression of interest process to anyone working in learning and teaching in HE or FE

Online meetings

About the group

The student experience experts group (formerly the learning and teaching experts group) was established in 2004 to inform the direction of Jisc’s work across a range of programmes relating to technology enhanced learning and teaching practice.

The group, comprising representatives from further education and skills and higher education, meets twice a year in Bristol or Birmingham to receive updates on current Jisc work and to provide valuable feedback on its relevance to their community.

It plays a key role in informing community consultations and influencing the direction of future Jisc work.

There are now over 220 members who have helped to ensure the relevance of Jisc-funded projects to the learning and teaching community and enable the work of Jisc to develop a strong community profile.

The student experience experts group continues to remain an important and influential group in informing and influencing student experience work across Jisc's R&D work. 

How to get involved

If you would like to get involved please contact Sarah Knight with a brief rationale of your interest in the group.

You can also join the group's mailing list via JiscMail.