Introducing Historical Texts' new resources for learning and teaching

This online event will showcase the new learning and teaching resources on Historical Texts, with an opportunity to hear from the editorial board and learn how these tools can support undergraduate teaching in the humanities.

  • One hour
  • Online
  • Free

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For several years, Jisc’s Historical Texts service has delivered a large collection of high-quality primary-source texts to users primarily engaged in research. Driven by an editorial board comprising academics with experience in both research and teaching, this new project sets out to extend the utility and impact of historical texts by providing tools and resources to support undergraduate teaching and learning.

Modules in this project pilot address both pedagogical approaches to incorporating primary sources in teaching, and thematic areas of interest. Subjects like ‘Ecocriticism’ or the ‘The black british experience’ are complemented by guidance on using primary sources with different sized groups of students, and on innovative methods of assessment using historical documents.

This session will introduce the new resources; showing how to find them, showcasing their content, suggesting how they might be used, and setting out our vision for developing these tools beyond the current prototype.

Members of the editorial board will take part and will discuss the background of this project, its goals, challenges, and the choices made to address these. There will be an opportunity for questions, feedback, and suggestions of how people would like to see this progress. We hope that attendees will leave the webinar with ideas already forming around how they or their colleagues might put these resources to good use.

Who should attend

  • HE educators engaged in teaching undergraduates using primary source documents
  • Those who wish to use primary source documents in the future
  • Support staff such as librarians or learning technologists who are interested in growing the use of digital resources and primary sources


For further information, please contact events@jisc.ac.uk.