How artificial intelligence has the potential to disrupt student assessment

Join us as we examine recent advancements in content generating AI tools and consider how they may impact the future of assessment.

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This is a series of five webinars to support your AI maturity journey. Following the introduction to AI maturity model we will be covering a range of topics from across the model to both improve members AI understanding & awareness and to inspire.

There have recently been huge advances in the ability of AI to generate content. This includes the creation of text, images and computer code, through technologies such as GPT-3, DALLE-2 and Stable Diffusion.

This has resulted in a new and growing field of tools that have the potential to disrupt assessment processes – both in positive and negative ways. What does it mean if AI tools can write (or substantially write) essays, solve maths problems or automatically code programming tasks? Do we see these as tools enabling students to ‘cheat’, or can we harness them to improve the effectiveness of assessment.

In preparation for this webinar see our recent blog post How might AI content generation tools such as GPT-3 disrupt assessment. This blog briefly explores one of these tools – GPT3; and shows a practical example of the kind of content it can create and looks at the potential impact on education.

In this webinar we will:

  • Demonstrate some of the latest tools in this space.
  • Explore how they work and what sort of issues arise from this
  • Explore how these tools might impact on assessment through practical examples

Other events in the series

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Who should attend

  • This event is open to any Jisc member who is interested in leading or supporting their institution in the adoption of AI for learning and teaching

This event is for members only.


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