eduroam Visitor Access

Students at University of Derby using wifi

Smooth, cost-effective connectivity for visitors associated with research and education – using your existing eduroam service.

About eduroam Visitor Access

In HE and FE, you often need to offer temporary connectivity to visitors associated with education or research – such as guest speakers, conference delegates, summer school students, and visitors from schools and colleges.

If you have eduroam, then eduroam Visitor Access is a cost-effective way to offer a smooth connectivity experience for associates who don’t have accounts of their own. 

How can eduroam Visitor Access help you?

It allows you to offer temporary credentials to the eduroam network already deployed on your campus. It can help you to: 

Save money and time

Helps you reduce the burden on IT while remaining an affordable, cost-effective option.

  • Reduce burden on the IT team - the service is designed to be ‘zero touch’ for IT managers, with non-IT staff able to add and remove eduroam Visitor Access accounts via a self-service web portal
  • Accounts are time-limited, and automatically deactivate when the time limit is reached – reducing security concerns while saving the effort of removing accounts manually
  • More affordable than a dedicated network - the service can save you money and time compared to deploying a dedicated wireless network for each event on your campus. You simply pay an annual charge

Offer a smooth experience to visitors

  • The flexible, self-service web portal allows you to create user credentials singly or in bulk
  • A personalised process - tailor how you issue credentials to delegates for a specific event. If you have an existing relationship with your campus visitors – such as pre-booked delegates to a conference – you could deliver credentials in advance via text or email
  • No splash pages - instead of making visitors connect via a splash page repeatedly, you can give them seamless access to eduroam for as long as their credentials are valid

Read the accessibility statement for the eduroam visitor access portal on our community site.

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Related services - visitor access

At Jisc, we help you provide internet access to campus visitors in other ways:

  • eduroam
    Offer federated, roaming internet access to staff and students from other eduroam-enabled organisations – as your users get roaming internet access at their sites
  • Govroam
    With govroam, you can simplify connectivity for members of the wider public sector visiting your campus – including NHS, social care and blue-light workers. The service also helps support collaboration with the public sector
  • eduroam Visitor Access
    ​This lies ‘in between’ federated roaming and general public access, helping you provide access to people without their own eduroam accounts but who are associated in some way with your organisation’s education goals
  • Trust and identity consultancy
    Our bespoke trust and identity consultancy can help you overcome hurdles and realise the long-term benefits of federated services, such as as eduroam and govroam

How we support visitors to your campus

Our access and roaming services work in combination or align to support users of differing needs.

eduroam and Govroam can be "overlaid" for organisations that support staff from education, research and the public sector.

eduroam Visitor Access lies in between federated roaming and public wifi for general public access, helping you provide access to people without their own eduroam accounts but who are associated in some way with your organisation’s education goals.