11-13 July 2023: Radical reimagining, interplays of physical and virtual.

About DCDC23

We invited you to come together as a community to explore the interplay between the physical and the virtual, the ‘materiality’ of physical collections and digital interventions.

The pandemic has catalysed a radical reimagining of how we work in the GLAMA (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums and Academia) sector. How we collaborate, interact, engage with our communities, and the skills and tools we rely on have all changed substantially. At DCDC23 we explored the possibilities, challenges and the future of our sector.

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Radical reimagining

DCDC23’s programme explored:

Physical and virtual: The immersive reality market has grown apace and there has been a marked increase in the use of emerging technologies such as 3D printing for reconstruction, restoration, engagement and inclusion.

Materiality of physical collections: Material encounters are at the heart of what collections-holding institutions do, and how we collaborate, interact, and use our resources is undertaking a radical reimaging with digital at the forefront.

Digital preservation: Global cultural heritage emergencies have demanded we explore the ethics of digital reconstructions and replicas with the increased need for remote access.

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