Annual review 2022/23

Celebrating some of our key achievements as we work towards a fairer, more sustainable, secure, and digital future.

Our year in numbers

  • 94%* of our members see Jisc as their trusted partner
  • Two-thirds of the FE sector are using our digital elevation tool
  • £2 million savings for the sector due to our negotiation with Springer Nature
  • 96% of articles compliant with UKRI open access policy thanks to our OA agreements with 65 publishers
  • 7 petabytes of data travelling across the Janet Network every day
  • 509 DDoS attacks targeting 92 members, mitigated
  • £1.5 billion in wider economic benefits linked to our services

* Source: Jisc’s annual leadership survey - 546 agreed, out of 580

The right solutions

From supporting digital transformation in FE and HE to extending eduroam so that commuting students can plug in on the go, we’re dedicated to delivering the products and services our members need. This year we’ve also become the digital, data and technology body for tertiary education in the UK through our merger with HESA, and successfully negotiated an open access deal with Springer Nature, saving the sector £2 million.

Empowering communities

Communities play a vital role in making voices heard, combating feelings of isolation and ensuring that best practices are shared for the benefit of all. This year we’ve helped bring together members and communities in person and online to share their experiences, uncover best practice and imagine new possibilities. We’re also helping institutions understand and leverage the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) as part of their wider digital strategies.

A force for good

We’re working to build a sustainable future in FE and HE – environmentally and financially.

Jisc helps save the sector more than £300 million per year – for every £1 our members invest in us, they receive a return of more than £3 just in terms of savings. From connectivity to cyber security, cloud and licensing deals to levelling up, we generate high-value benefits for the education and research sector – and the UK economy as a whole.

Heidi Fraser-Krauss, Jisc chief executive officer

"We’re focused on doing three things to support the sector with digital transformation to improve lives: delivering the right solutions, empowering communities and being a force for good. I’m delighted that, as a result of our work in those areas, we are overwhelmingly UK FE and HE’s trusted partner in digital transformation."

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