Our strategy

Our plan for 2022-25

Our plan for 2022-25

Over the next three years, we'll build on our core strengths and leverage the collective power of the sectors to maximise our impact.

We will achieve this by focusing on three things:123Delivering the rightsolutionsEmpoweringcommunitiesBe a forcefor good

Delivering the right solutions

How we'll enable digital transformation

Enabling digital transformation by providing solutions to our customers through our portfolio of products and services. Striking the right balance between in-house delivery and working with partners to respond in the best way to our customers' needs.

  • We will focus on the needs of higher education, further education, skills and research, by prioritising our investment and the development of products and services on the needs of our members, their staff and students
  • We will deliver a targeted range of managed services. Primarily we will partner, not build ourselves, to increase our agility and that of our customers
  • Our products and services will be delivered at pace, at scale and to a defined standard. We will professionalise our portfolio management to ensure our ongoing financial sustainability

Empowering communities

How we'll work with communities

Our strength comes from our customers, sectors and communities. As a sector leader we bring insight and inspiration, and work with these communities to innovate and imagine new solutions.

  • We will use our insight, gathered through data, analytics and customer feedback to offer advice, guidance and inspiration to our customers and sectors
  • We will proactively scan the horizon, to inform and co-design innovative solutions with our customers and trusted partners. We will imagine new possibilities
  • We will champion our role as a convener of customers and communities around our core strengths

Be a force for good

How we'll drive change

As a driver for change, we are focused on our commercial and financial sustainability but are always aware of our place in, and impact on, the world.

  • Sustainability is an organisational imperative. We always work to minimise the harm we do to our environment, and we support our customers to do the same
  • We operate in the international community for the benefit of our customers, always striving to make a positive global impact
  • Our people are our key asset and we will embed our one Jisc culture through an engaged, skilled, well led, diverse and inclusive workforce