Webinars, online classes and meetings

From yawn to yay! Quick tips and tricks to make your sessions more interactive.

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    There are plenty of ways to collaborate and share work using platforms like Teams, Yammer and G Suite, and we’ve been using them for a while. But suddenly, we are doing a lot more live online meetings and webinars. Teachers and trainers are looking at delivering in real-time using platforms like Zoom and Adobe Connect.

    Taking part in live online sessions can be challenging to get the right level of participation from everyone. We need our webinars, classes and meetings to be as effective, engaging and enjoyable as possible.

    This session focuses on quick tips and tricks to make your sessions more interactive. It explores the basic principles of live online delivery, drawing on guidance from Jisc's Digital Pedagogy Toolkit the Learning and Performance Institute and Lightbulb Moment.

    Jisc has been using these tools and techniques for some time and with excellent feedback after our sessions. Whether it’s a training workshop, a webinar-style seminar or a meeting with colleagues, we can be sure that our participants have enjoyed the experience!

    Who should attend

    This workshop is aimed at curriculum staff and other professionals involved in delivering or creating learning in an online environment.

    What we cover

    • Exploring your platform – find out what functions you have available
    • Making your participants comfortable – give them the ground rules and show them how to take part
    • Tools and techniques – frequent interaction makes for active participants
    • Following up – the live session or meeting is not the end of the story

    Training outcomes

    By attending this workshop you will be able to:

    • Deliver engaging live online sessions with confidence
    • Explore a range of interactive tools to facilitate participation
    • Understand how slide design impacts on accessibility and inclusion
    • Learn and collaborate from peers in the session

    Pricing and eligibility

    This course is currently free.


    For more information or to register your interest, email or phone 01235 822242.