Making assistive technology decisions: needs assessment essentials

Understanding the experiences of students with additional support requirements.

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  • One standalone session, or part of a series of four themed courses
  • Two hours
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    Broaden your understanding and enhance your practice with one of the four courses on assistive technology decision-making. This course is designed to empower you with the knowledge and expertise to make informed choices in assistive technology.

    You should come with some understanding of the experiences of students who are disabled or have additional support requirements. Suitable for those seeking an introduction to needs assessment in further and higher education, there will also be opportunities for more experienced practitioners to reflect on or enhance their existing practice.

    Supporting materials and directions to further sources of professional development will be provided.

    Key features

    • Suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners
    • Focus on a student-centred approach
    • Opportunities for reflection and enhancement of existing practice
    • Supporting materials provided

    Who should attend

    This course is ideal for professionals working in further and higher education with an interest in assistive technology and empowering disabled students. Roles that would benefit from this course (but are not restricted to) include:

    • Disability adviser
    • Needs assessor
    • Assistive technologist
    • Student support adviser
    • Teaching assistant
    • Lecturer

    Spaces are limited to 30 participants per course so we encourage you to book early to avoid disappointment.

    Course objectives

    On completion you will be ready to:

    Course specific:

    • Use evidence-based strategies to involve students in decision making
    • Recognise what good practice looks like and how to avoid problems
    • Identify your preferred methods for continuing professional development

    Series specific:

    • Raise awareness of the role of assistive technology in education
    • Understand the value of a student centred, collaborative approach
    • Encourage participants to use evidence to inform decision-making about AT
    • Identify next steps to build staff skills and improve AT implementation

    Training outcomes

    By the end of the session you will be able to:

    • Use student-centred methods when making AT recommendations
    • Consider where AT sits in terms of reasonable adjustments and inclusive practice
    • Apply frameworks that support information gathering and decision making
    • Identify preferred methods for continuing professional development

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    Pricing and eligibility

    • Jisc members - £95 + VAT
    • Non member, not-for-profit - £115 + VAT
    • Other organisations - £150 + VAT

    *Jisc members - One free place per organisation using code "ONEFREE", subsequent places at a cost of £95 + VAT.

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    Other training in the series

    In addition to our current course, we offer three other courses within the 'making assistive technology decisions' series:

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    Jisc members: typically publicly funded FE, HE and Research institutions.

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    Other organisations: Eligible local government, public sector, private/independent education providers and non-profit customers.

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