Suhad Aljundi

Future technologies developer


My role is to work collaboratively with my line manager on developing augmented reality (AR) resources and online materials that focus on enhancing the learner experience in FE, HE and skills sector. This will include working on various projects including AR-SCI, an ERASMUS+ funded European project aimed at engaging students studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) based subjects with AR content. 

In addition, I will be involved in disseminating good practice in AR to user communities at conferences, workshops and webinars; contributing to horizon scanning for ways of exploiting future technology opportunities in education such as wearables. 


I have a masters degree in digital technologies, communication, and education (DTCE) from the University of Manchester. Subsequently, I worked on a project with the director of the DTCE programme to implement an e-portfolio system within one of the core units of the master degree. This project was a great opportunity for me to apply the knowledge, theories and recommendations that I researched and came up with throughout my dissertation into a real practical project.