Steve Hoole

Head of analytics for teaching and learning

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I’m part of the learning analytics service team, which runs learning analytics for universities and colleges.

This includes analytics, business intelligence, research and data management and a range of mobile apps. The main purpose of my role is to provide expert support to universities and colleges as they implement the service. This includes on-site consultancy, training or online support, as well as creating a providing materials that would enable them to implement learning analytics.

It’s also part of my role to support institutions during the main roll-out of their project, cater for their needs and ensure they are successful.


I’m driven to improve teaching, learning and the student experience through the innovative use of technology. I’m a trained multimedia developer, systems administrator, and experienced learning technologist.

I’ve worked with technology enhanced learning since the dark ages of Windows XP in places like Huddersfield, Cardiff and the leafy Chilterns.