Ruth Semple

Head of corporate communications


I manage Jisc’s corporate communications team, responsible for member and internal communications.

We’re a small team yet passionate about strong communications putting our members and colleagues first, delivering clear messages concisely, and building collaborative, effective relationships.


I’ve been lucky enough to have had a multi-coloured career in informal learning, public engagement and communications, ranging from political paintings, Elizabethan ruffs, 18th century anatomy pots, superbugs, autopsies, and food and environmental activism. 

I enjoyed studying medieval history at University of St Andrews, teaching the history of medieval medicine at University of Glasgow and studying museum studies at the University of Leicester.

People won’t necessarily remember what you tell them, but they will never forget how you make them feel, and this has governed my approach to communications at The Hunterian Museum, The Royal College of Pathologists, The Vegan Society and the Soil Association. And now at Jisc, since starting in August 2018.