Rob Dymond-Green

UK Data Service (UKDS) director of data impact


I’m the technical manager for the ESRC Census Support Team, which is a part of the UK Data Service. My role entails project scoping, planning and liaising across the census support locations. I am also the technical architect and lead developer for service, which delivers access to census aggregate data, where part of my role involves engaging with the technical teams of the Office of National Statistics and other national statistics institutions.

Selected papers and presentations
  • Dymond-Green, R. (2009). ‘Making sense of the census: one year on with the census aggregate information resources demonstrator (CAIRD).’ IASSIST Conference. Tampere, Finland, May 2009.
  • Hayes, J. and R. Dymond-Green. ‘Census Aggregate Information Resource Demonstrator (CAIRD) project‘. 2 June 2008-1 June 2009.
  • Hayes, J., R. Dymond-Green and J. Carter. ‘CAIRD2.’ 13 September 2010-12 September 2011.
  • Hayes, J., R. Dymond-Green and J. Carter. ‘CAIRD3:  ESRC/ONS 2011 Census Collaboration.’ 1 October 2011-30 September 2012.
  • Hayes, J., R. Dymond-Green and R. Wiseman. ‘UK Data Service Census Support.’ 1 August 2012-31 July 2017.


I am interested in exploring more intuitive ways to find, explore and use data, and I have a particular interest in the use of visualisations, not only to display data, but to enhance the discovery and exploration of the data. Before working at Jisc, I worked as a software engineer for a software company, which specialised in location-based services, and before that I worked for a company that provided services around environmental data.