Paul Meehan

Senior development officer


My main focus is on library analytics services, specifically the Journal Usage Statistics Portal (JUSP). I am responsible for all areas of the service, including data processing, database administration, web development, support and training.

I am also actively involved in the library support services project, and work with Tableau as part of Jisc analytics and library data labs.

Selected papers and presentations
  • Conyers, A., P. Harwood and P. Meehan. (2011). ‘The Journal Usage Statistics Portal (JUSP): adding value and assessing impact through a collaborative approach to service development and delivery.’ Online Information Conference. London, 29 November-1 December 2011.
  • Cradock, C., P. Meehan and P. Needham. (2011). ‘JUSP in time: a partnership approach to developing a journal usage statistics portal.’ Learned Publishing. 24.2: 109-114.
  • Joyce, A., L. Kerr, T. Machin, P. Meehan and C. Williams. (2010). ‘Intute reflections at the end of an era'. Ariadne 64


With a very strong scientific background (chemistry PhD), I have a professional interest in the use of scientific data in teaching and research.

My previous roles with the CrossFire chemical database, and then as technical lead on the PSIgate and GEsource gateways of the RDN, led to a senior role with Intute.

This developed my interest in metadata and cataloguing, which in turn allowed me to transfer a range of skills into other projects and services, such as JUSP, where I am responsible for the user-interface support and development along with much of the data administration work behind the scenes.

I’m interested in creative solutions to complicated problems and have a strong track record in troubleshooting and problem solving.

I’m a published author and love to write both professionally and socially.