Norma Williams

Web of Science and Zetoc services manager


I manage and coordinate the provision of comprehensive support for the Web of Science service for UK Education (WoS) and Zetoc, including managing the content of the Mimas WoS and Zetoc service websites.

I organise and deliver service-related training courses for institutional support staff and others around the UK, together with producing training and publicity materials. I also coordinate conference/exhibition events involving service promotional activities.

Selected papers and presentations


I am a qualified information professional, with an honours degree in Computing and Business Analysis, joining Mimas in 1999.

I have a strong interest in all aspects of support of online services and have an ongoing commitment to provide the highest quality of support possible. I’m aware of the added value found within the feedback from the supported academics using the services.

The capturing and reporting of this valuable information has been most notable in my involvement in the Web of Science Enhancement Committee (WoSEC), which was set up to provide a forum in which user-comments about the Web of Science Service for UK education could be discussed by the publisher, the service provider, the funding body and representatives of the user community.