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Head of scholarly communications support

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Moving open access into action

First published on the Open Access Week blog. As the emphasis shifts from discussion to action it’s worth taking a quick look back to recognise how far the... >>

Unpicking the open access lock

I wanted to find out whether the experiences of these bodies - specifically, the Association of Research Managers and Administrators ( ARMA ), Research... >>


Neil is head of scholarly communications support for Jisc. He was formerly programme director of information environment (IE) work overseeing a variety of projects and programmes in the areas of access to and management of digital resources.

His work covers the issues of technical interoperability, cultural and organisational change, sustainability and business models in relation to Jisc’s digital infrastructure work in  linked data, digital repositories, scholarly communications, and research information management. 


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Media coverage

Moving open access into action
Open Access Week, October 2016

Open access: at what cost?
Research Information, August 2016

Practical steps to help HEIs unlock the world's research
University Business, September 2015

Practical steps to help HEIs unlock research
Research Information, September 2015