Justin Hayes

Census support service manager


I manage the members of the census support component of the UK Data Service based at Mimas.

As a team, we provide easy and comprehensive access to aggregate outputs from the five UK censuses taken between 1971 and 2011, as well as supporting their use, to facilitate high quality social and economic research and education.

I have responsibility for data management within census support as a whole, and for liaising between census cupport and the UK Data Service in this area.

Selected papers and presentations 
  • Hayes, J. (2012). ‘Simple census: aggregate data without the tables.’ TWRI Conference. York, 5 October 2012.
  • Hayes, J. (2012). ‘Exciting things about census aggregate outputs!’ ESRC Research Methods Festival. Oxford, 3 July 2012.
  • Harris, J., J. Hayes and K. Cole. (2002). ‘Disseminating area statistics over the Web.’ The Census Data System. P. Rees, J. Wiley and P. Williamson (Eds). Chichester: John Wiley & Sons: 113-121.


I’ve worked with data from UK censuses for 15 years, first as a researcher, and then, since 2000, in my current role as a disseminator.

I have particular interests in using combinations of standards-based technologies to produce, manage, integrate and disseminate complex data in ways that make it easier to find, understand, combine and use simply, appropriately and effectively.

In recent years, I have led several research projects working collaboratively with the Office for National Statistics to encourage and support their adoption of new technologies and methods for the 2011 census.

I am also a member of a number of census-related advisory committees and working groups.