Joy Palmer

Head of business development


I am responsible for product development, strategic portfolio management of digital resources services and products, and for leading on the transition of Jisc R&D projects into full-fledged services.  

A key part of what I do involves the brokering of knowledge, relationships, and resource across Jisc.

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I earned my PhD in English literature in 2005 and taught across a wide range of subject areas and different levels from first year to advanced undergraduate. I joined Matrix, a digital humanities centre based at Michigan State University in 1999. There, I gained a breadth of experience in developing grant-funded, multimedia-education and research projects.

I am interested in how the web not only changes models of information consumption, but alters the very way in which we ‘know’ or experience the world. My work looks at the role of Web technologies in changing approaches to content creation, mediation and reuse.  I remain involved in digital humanities, working with colleagues at The University of Manchester to explore the potential of working with new technologies and large-scale data sets to evoke and encourage new research questions.